TiECon Northwest 2017


TiE Oregon, TiE Seattle, TiE Vancouver BC and TiE Rockies are coming together to host the first-ever TiECon Northwest in Portland Oregon on January 25-26th. This 1.5 day conference will bring together entrepreneurs and investors and will highlight three disruptive technology sectors – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Life Sciences, and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality.

The possibilities seem huge and there is tremendous hype, full of great buzzwords and slogans but for investors and entrepreneurs, key questions still exist:

  • What is the value?
  • How can such value be unlocked?
  • Is now the right time?
  • What are the specific approaches, applications and markets that these technologies can by utilized in?
  • What do these sectors need in order to continue to grow?

Join us at TiECon Northwest as we bring together experts in these sectors for interactive panel discussions, keynotes, and opportunities to network with entrepreneurs and investors throughout the northwest.


Schedule of Events

There are several fun and engaging ways to connect during this 1.5 day conference

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